Sunday, 28 July 2013

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Russell Garfield or famous as Andrew Garfield is an actor of dual American and British citizenship.

He was born on August 20 1983 in Los Angeles, California USA.

He was popular as  Eduardo Saverin for the drama film of The Social Network and cast as Peter Parker for Spider-man series The Amazing Sider-man in 2012.

In 2010 he won Hollywood Award for Breakthrough Actor and Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his drama film The Social Network.

Andrew Garfield is a lifelong fan of Spider-Man – he remembers an old snapshot of himself, at age 3, dressed as Spider-Man for Hallowee and he was well received The Amazing Spider-man 2 that scheduled for realese in 2014.

He started the relationship with Emma Stone in 2010 when Emma was cast in The Amazing Spider-man. 

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